Year in Review Part 1: January-February 2012

From pine trees blown over at the farm to beehive boxes, here’s how the business began…

In 2012, we built enough equipment to for bees with honey in 20 beehives as tall as I am.  This year we used less than half of the equipment because the first year is slow-going.  During the first year, the bees have to draw out the comb–they make wax with wax glands and form that nice hexagonal pattern to store their eggs and honey.  Next year, we’ll give them the same wax honeycomb back and they can start in right away filling it with eggs and honey, no need to build wax when they can reuse last year’s.  The equipment we built during those long weekends last winter could last 30 years if all goes well.

Thanks again to everyone who starred in these pictures and helped me along the way.  It was a great year with a lot of long days and a lot of sweet honey at the end.  Next year, we’ll have honey to keep us going for the long days, but fortunately the building process is over for a while.

Next up: painting the boxes and preparing for the arrival of the bees in April.