Building More Hives

All the beehives are built from pine that blew down in the 2011 windstorm in the northern part of Wisconsin.  My cousin cleaned up the woods and had a stack of wood milled.  Planing Lumber 1Planing Lumber 2My parents helped me plane the lumber. We started with 60 boards ranging from 6-9 feet long all one inch thick and planed it down to 13/16 inch. Planing Lumber with DadPlaning Lumber with MomThe bees are busy working and have filled every box I have with eggs, bees, pollen, and nectar. They need more space, so we got down to work in the shop. In another week or two, I’ll add a box on top of every hive so the bees can store more honey.
We planed lumber two weekends ago then cut all the wood down to length. On Sunday we built 82 new boxes and applied the first coat of paint. An army to help sure makes for quick work.

Cut LumberBuilding Boxes